The DIANT® LiFT – High Throughput Nanoparticle Manufacturing

About the DIANT® LiFT (With NanoFlowSizer™)

The DIANT® LiFT is our commercial lipid nanoparticle production system, which can scale-up processes from our benchtop DIANT® LARU system for the continuous production of lipid and polymer-based liquid-injectable nanoparticle pharmaceutical products. With inline dilution, drug loading, and nanoparticle modification, the LiFT’s continuous processing offers extensive benefits over traditional batch processing.

As the exclusive distributor of the NanoFlowSizer™ in the United States, DIANT’s systems work with InProcess-LSP’s unique particle size analyzer technology to non-invasively characterize nanoparticles inline.

DIANT® LiFT Specifications

The DIANT® LiFT, our production-ready manufacturing skid, comes equipped with:

  • DIANT® Jet technology for high throughput
  • Continuous particle size analysis through Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
    • Integrated, inline particle size control and monitoring with InProcess-LSP
    • NanoFlowSizer™, SR-DLS
    • Automatic particle size control
    • Real-time particle monitoring
    • Fast response (~6 seconds per measurement)
  • Hybrid or integrated system
  • Explosion-proof-rated design
  • Capacity options from 0.8 LPM to:
    • DIANT® LiFT – 2 LPM maximum
    • DIANT® LiFT HP – 20 LPM maximum
  • 21 CFR-compliant software
  • Continuous or batch operation
  • Commercial GMP-compliant manufacturing of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), liposomes, nucleic acid/lipid complexes, polymeric micelles, suspensions, and emulsions

DIANT® LiFT Add-Ons and Continuous Processing Systems

Optional add-ons that are available for the DIANT® LiFT include:

  • Customized PAT integration
  • Particle size analyzer
  • pH monitor/probes
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature control – Control the temperature of your sample at each stage with the water circulator, sold separately


The DIANT® IEM is a continuous processing system for the controlled modification of pre-formed vesicular nanoparticles:

  • Intravesicular aqueous modifications – small molecules like liposomes can be actively loaded to promote drug encapsulation
  • Extravesicular surface modifications – capabilities include adding polymeric coating and active drug moieties


The IEM system can:

  • Perform one or several simultaneous nanoparticle modifications as a continuous process
  • PEGylate particles, including LNPs, polymeric micelles, and others
  • Decorate particles
  • Manage growth kinetics
    • Salt loading for liposomes
    • Surface deposition for LNPs
  • Perform PAT – inline UV-Vis with model prediction (optional & customizable)
  • Sense pressure, conductivity, and temperature
  • Perform inline heat exchange and mixing
  • Perform inline bioburden reduction filtration at collection
  • Perform inline, single-pass concentration

Want to learn more about the DIANT® LiFT?

Get in touch with a DIANT sales representative today to learn more about our systems and services and discuss how the LiFT can help increase speed to market for your nanoparticle project. Leasing options are now available.