About DIANT®

About DIANT®—Nanoparticle Processing Systems Innovators

Our Company

DIANT® Pharma was formed in 2019. Our groundbreaking technology emerged from years of rigorous research at the University of Connecticut, resulting in differentiated, innovative continuous processing technologies for nanoparticle-based therapeutics and vaccines.

Our Mission

We recognize the exciting, pivotal role of nanoparticles as pharmaceutical delivery methods and their unique roles in other industries. Our aim is to disruptively transform LNPs with continuous manufacturing that makes their production faster, more efficient, and less risky – ultimately increasing speed to market.

Our Team

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Our Partner


InProcess-LSP’s groundbreaking work in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) led to the development of their NanoFlowSizer™, a non-invasive nanoparticle size maintenance system. DIANT is the only company that distributes the NanoFlowSizer™ in the U.S. and we have incorporated this real-time PAT into both the LiFT and LARU systems.

Our Work with the FDA

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

We are proud to announce that the United States’ Food and Drug Administration has acquired the DIANT® LiFT nanoparticle system for internal research to better understand advanced manufacturing technologies. Our work with the FDA demonstrates that our continuous manufacturing systems with DIANT® Jet technology establishes a leading industry benchmark for nanoparticle manufacture.

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