DIANT’s Nanoparticle Technology

DIANT® offers the only integrated continuous manufacturing system on the market. Compared with off-the-shelf technology, our systems provide the advantage of a continuous process, more uniform particles, and equipment that replaces the existing outdated technology in batch processing.

Why Does Batch Processing Need Improvement?

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry relies on batch processing. It is a principle that is over half a century old and maintains multiple intrinsic inefficiencies inherent to a process that requires multiple steps and levels of human involvement.

Traditional inefficiencies of batch processing include:

  • Quality Issues
  • Slow product rollouts
  • Product waste
  • Large vessel sizes
  • Excessively large equipment and facility footprints
  • Facility closures
  • Layoffs

The Benefits of DIANT’s Continuous Processing Technology

As an alternative to outdated batch processing methods, DIANT’s continuous processing-based systems are poised to revolutionize the nanoparticle manufacturing industry. The continuous processing technology is an integral part of our benchmark systems, one of which has been acquired by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Continuous processing provides the following benefits over batch processing:

  • Higher quality drug products
  • Faster speed to market
  • Greater control during the manufacturing process
  • Smaller vessel sizes
  • Smaller footprint for equipment (and therefore facilities)
  • Less waste
  • Reduced costs

We offer a unique approach to continuously processing LNPs, with our advanced inline analysis enabling precise control over particle size and uniformity to optimize efficacy and formulation stability while reducing side effects.

DIANT® Jet Technology

The proprietary DIANT® Jet technology is a game-changer for the nanoparticle manufacturing industry as it shifts away from batch processing.

How does the DIANT® Jet work?

The DIANT® Jet uses a turbulent jet in co-flow, a system that is scalable from R&D up to commercial manufacturing. The fast-mixing approach optimizes production speed and efficiency while also precisely controlling particle size for advanced control and oversight of product quality during manufacture.

DIANT’s Closed System

Our proprietary, continuous ethanol-injection system can form nanoparticles with controlled particle sizes (e.g., from ~50 nm to >500 nm) at high flow rates of over 1,000 mL/min.

The closed system manufactures nanoparticles in a single step and has eliminated the need for open transfers and human interaction. As turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs, DIANT’s systems can increase your nanoparticle product’s speed to market while also minimizing risk.

DIANT Continuous Manufacturing

No open transfers. Less human involvement. All in a single step.

Concentration and Filtration

Through our experience with inline processing and concentrating systems, DIANT has the unique capability to provide a robust, continuous platform for nanoparticle concentration and sterile filtration.

Active Loading of Drug Candidates

Active loading of preformed liposomes is a popular technique for achieving ~100% drug encapsulation. As a high-throughput, high-encapsulation process, our continuous drug encapsulation technique can help you minimize loss while enhancing stability during storage and administration to patients.

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