DIANT’s Services

Our extensive expertise in nanoparticle formulation makes us a great choice as a partner in cGMP design, process analytical technology (PAT) integration, and other nanoparticle-related services from planning through commercial formulation.

We offer services for:

Formulation and Product Development

Outsourced R&D and Manufacturing

Flexible Process Analytical Technology Integration

Analytical Method Development & Particle Characterization

Feasibility Studies

System Customization

Support During R&D

Research and development of a nanomedicine or other nanoparticle product can be an arduous and confusing process. Partnering with DIANT® affords you access to our nanoparticle experts, who can support customers throughout the R&D process with our proprietary continuous manufacturing technology and the knowledge of a team whose benchmark technology is being used by the FDA to better understand advanced manufacturing technologies.

Support For Nanoparticle Manufacturing

In addition to services for R&D stages, we also support those moving into the commercial manufacture of nanoparticle-based drugs and products.

With our consulting partner, we offer cGMP design services including:

  • Conceptual design services
  • Cleaning validation overview
  • Construction support

Curious about partnering with DIANT?

Reach out to a DIANT representative today to learn more about our services and offerings for processing and manufacturing pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and other products.